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These materials were produced by the PiCaM partners. They are incomplete and have yet to be tested in all partner countries. We offer them here as starting points for you to develop further. Resources include suggested mathematical and global learning intentions and can be used individually.

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Exploring Growth

The pupils are studying the growth of the rabbit population in Australia and its effects on nature and humans. They get to know the topics growth and correspondence and work out suitable models and representations. They playfully conduct a conflict resolution of this global challenge.

Perceptions of Time

In this activity, students will explore human perception of time through the exploration of different calendars. Using philosophical questioning regarding the idea of time, and its measurement, they will be encouraged to research and compare the solar (Gregorian) and the lunar (Hijri) calendars, as well as other calendars used by different traditions and civilizations. In addition, students are likely be challenged to use mathematical skills and problem solving to convert dates using these different calendars, and lead to discuss the notion and idea of time in theoretical terms, as well as its contemporary relevance.

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